Make a Sound Escape

Close your eyes and go somewhere else. Let go of the mundanity of life, and focus on the serene. Allow your mind to slip into another world, another place, that only you can go to.

Listen to the world you are now in, the words spoken to you and around you. Process what you can discern, ponder over your observations, and extrapolate what the world is like with merely your imagination.

Remain rooted in reality, but let immersion wash over you. Go someplace else.

Come back different.

Latest from the Sound Escape Collective

Professional microphone

Vibration Manipulation: 004 – Creating Audio Drama Casting Calls

As a podcast creator and voice actor, I’ve made a few casting calls and auditioned for a lot more. I’ve seen folks ask if there exists a guide to making casting calls for audio fiction shows, but I’ve never seen one myself, so I decided to make one. This is a guide for what I think are best practices for making an audio drama casting call. I’m by no means a casting call expert, and these are merely guidelines, not rules — feel free to just incorporate what works for you.
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