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Someone Dies In This Elevator – Julius Caelevator Rating: PG. Et tu, Brutevator? This episode contains murder, betrayal, and elevators. Transcript here. This episode was written and directed by Max Kreisky. Dialogue editing by Brad Colbroock. Sound design by Tal Minear. The receptionist was voiced by Tal Minear. Bort was voiced by Stephen Indrisano. Brutusvator was voiced by Ezra J. Wayne. Mark Antovator was voiced by Rue Dickey. Julius Caelevator was voiced by Max Kreisky. The Senate of Elevators was Brad Colbroock, Tal Minear, Jenna Rose Geiser, Lauren Tucker, and Susannah Snowden-Ifft. Intro and credits read by Brad Colbroock. Executive produced by Tal Minear. Episode artwork by Tal Minear. Follow us @SDITEpod on Instagram, Tumblr, & Twitter! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  1. Julius Caelevator
  2. Upstream
  3. Going Home Tomorrow
  4. A Letter to the King
  5. Get Busy Living

Someone Dies In This Elevator is a spoiler driven anthology podcast where the only thing that ties each story together is that (1) it takes place in an elevator and (2) someone dies (in the elevator, of course). The elevators vary from episode to episode, in both time and place.

Maybe it’s a space elevator. Maybe it’s a corporate elevator from the 1920s. Maybe it’s an elevator to an underwater steampunk world in an alternate 1700s. Maybe it’s the elevator to an apartment complex in 2020. It doesn’t have to be ordinary or fantastical. It just has to be an elevator. And someone’s gotta die. Who’s in the elevator? Who dies? What will happen next?

The show was founded as a creative writing exercise – a “what if” that turned into “Wait, we could do that” (as podcasts so often do). The show name tells you everything you need to know – someone dies in this elevator, but everything the title doesn’t tell you (Who? When? How? Why?) is what draws you into each story, despite thinking you know how it’s going to end. This show was founded to play in this space, to see how far you can go with this limit and enjoy every part of the process.

Despite the title, not every episode is a work of horror or sadness. Maybe it’s a happy episode and at the end, a fly dies in the elevator. The stories of this anthology podcast are not linked through tone – they’re linked by the premise. The only limit is what can happen in an elevator, and trust us, a LOT can happen in an elevator.

Elevator Safety PSA

Elevators are safe machines necessary for everyday life. While, yes, we are terrified of the thought of dying in an elevator, provided they’ve been recently inspected and given their proper maintenance, you should be fine… statistically speaking. In our episodes, one of our themes is what you should really be afraid of who is with you in the elevator.

Well, unless there are extraordinary circumstances, like if you do, well, anything that happens in our episodes. Please do not tamper with any elevators you find, and our decision to take the stairs is in no way connected to our fear of elevator serial killers – we just find them immoral on multiple levels.

Writing Guidelines:

  • Scripts are about 11 pages using Audio Play Format (Modified Screenplay)
  • Takes place in an elevator
    • The POV will stay within the elevator, though obviously characters might be entering and exiting.
  • Someone dies in the elevator 
    • Does not have to be a human person
    • Must be a living “someone” so that it can die
    • Must be a literal death

Cast and Crew

Tal Minear

Someone Dies In This Elevator Showrunner,
Dialogue Editor, DIRECTOR,

[they/them] Tal is a SoCal based podcaster who cannot be stopped from making things. They are the creator and producer of Sidequesting and What Will Be Here, and the co-creator of Light Hearts and Someone Dies In This Elevator. Tal’s voice can be found in other audio fiction shows, including Novitero, The Path Down, and Transmission Folklore. Tal is also the sound designer for Seen and Not Heard, Sidequesting, and Light Hearts, and they occasionally write for other audio dramas. Find out more about Tal’s work at

Colin J. Kelly

Director, Executive Producer, Performer, Sound Designer, WRITER

[he/him] Colin won an iPod in a raffle at 14, and fell in love with audio fiction podcasting. He’s had the fortune to be involved with several productions over the years, debuting as a voice actor in 2008, a writer in 2009, and a sound designer in 2011. Sound Escape is a combination of everything learned from others, and is an effort to create a sustainable audio fiction collective that does right by its people.

Jesse Schuschu

Script editor

[he/they] Jesse Schuschu is a writer and director of audio fiction with a love for science, storytelling, and podcasting. He co-creates a sci fi audiodrama “Tides” with his partner, Ayla, and spends most of his free time trying to think of puns.

Cole Burkhardt

Dialogue Editor, DIRECTOR, Performer, Sound Designer, WRITER

[he/him] Cole Burkhardt currently resides in Washington D.C and has tried everything from streaming tabletop games on Twitch to spelunking deep underground. They have been in a variety of podcasts including Godshead Incidental and Unplaced and is the writer and director of Null/Void. When they’re not voice acting or editing audio, they’re going to conventions across the East Coast, discussing gender and sexuality in video games and anime.

Brad Colbroock

Dialogue Editor, DIRECTOR, Performer, Sound Designer, WRITER

[they/them/he] Brad Colbroock is rumored to be a human who works in lab which conducts highly reputable scientific research. This claim is unsubstantiated and should be taken with a grain of salt. There is much greater evidence that they are a voice actor, appearing in the Haunted Hell House of Horror and Aster Podcasting’s Scary Stories Anthology. They can also be found among the cast of Novitero, Christmas Buffet Roulette, and Sector Ø, and occasionally lurking among such shows as Under The Electric Stars, Sage and Savant, and Sticks Shift Incorporated. They’re currently working on their own upcoming podcast about space train while juggling sound work for Sector Ø, Arsen, and Zebulon Podcasts. Brad can be found on Twitter as @holographicVA and at

Ryan James Horner

Director, Performer, WRITER

[he/him] Ryan James Horner is a writer, producer, and voice actor from SoCal with a lifelong passion for storytelling. He is the creator and director of Act Natural, a sci-fi anthology series where he indulges in his love for all things spooky and funny. Find him buried under his many cats, scattered fragments of notepaper, or a pile of blankets with a scary movie. If he isn’t in any of those places, he’s probably lost in one of his many projects and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Find out more about Ryan at

Erin Kyan

Dialogue Editor, DIRECTOR, WRITER

[he/him] Erin Kyan is a cheerful force of nature with a zest for art and efficiency. Queer, trans, fat and disabled, all these facets of his experience inform his work and drive him to build a world and artistic practise that’s kind, intersectional, and accessible.
Erin fell into podcasting in 2016 when he decided to try his hand at audio drama, and he fell in love with the many parts of production and the medium itself. With no one to stop him, he is now on a quest to build a strong foundation for the fiction podcast industry in Australia, one based on community and inclusion rather than competition.
You can learn more about Erin via his website,

Anna Rodriguez

MUSIC DIRECTOR, Performer, Sound Designer

[she/her] Anna is a Sound Designer who got her start in fiction podcasting. With a decade of sound editing under her belt, Anna has had remarkable opportunities to work on several Audio Fiction podcasts, short films and most recently, a feature length documentary. Anna proudly came up with “Sound Escape” but will humbly credit Colin with doing most of the leg work. You can find Anna’s sound design work at

Adam Berges

Dialogue Editor, WRITER

[he/him] Adam Berges is a SoCal based writer and physical chemist. When he’s not spending the day in a dark room extorting the secrets of the universe with laser beams, you can find him binging horror and sci-fi in an equally dark room accompanied by his reptiles and cats.

Ali Fuller

Marketer, Performer

[they/them] Ali is a Digital Marketing Strategist with a background in content creation, marketing automation, and web development. Over the last few years, they have been helping smaller brands grow with organic content and their online community. When Ali’s not busy talking about code or social media, you can usually find them catching up on the latest podcasts or taking photos of their tuxedo cats.

Anthony Carlos Fuller II

Music Director, Performer

[he/him] Tony’s musicianship has spanned over 20 years, with a background in jazz and classical performance as well as music education and composition. A SoCal native, his love for music spans throughout various genres and styles, and his equal love of video games and soundtracks have given him the inspiration for composing different styles of music.

Caroline Mincks

Performer, WRITER

[they/she] Caroline Mincks has been acting onstage since the age of five and began voice acting in 2019. Since falling in love with podcasting they have created Seen and Not Heard, SHIFTS, Scary Stories for Modern Minds, and co-create Light Hearts, Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives, and Surreal Love. They can be heard on all the aforementioned shows, as well as playing Zahava on This Planet Needs a Name, Henry on Finding Atlas, Sister Mary on Me, My Demon, and I, and Captain Chloe Vasker on The Reignition Theory.

Andrew Siañez-De La O

Performer, WRITER

[he/they] Andrew Siañez-De La O is a Boston-based Mexican-American playwright and podcaster. He is currently a Playwriting Fellow with the Huntington Theatre Company, a Latinx in Publishing mentee, and a Scriptwriter for the Latinx young audiences podcast, “Timestorm.” Originally from El Paso, TX, his work commonly focuses on the Borderlands and has been developed through residencies and fellowships across the country. Notable affiliations include The Playwrights Realm, Echo Theater Company, and Milagro Theatre. He is excited to be joining Sound Escape Productions as the showrunner for “Tales of the San Patricios.”

Samy Souissi


[He/Him] Samy Souissi is a London based writer, audio director and editor. He’s always been passionate about sitting on a chair for extended periods of times, so when he found out about writing, he was thrilled. He is the creator of Desperado, an urban fantasy story that follows 3 gods of Death as they try to escape a global crusader launched against them.

Landon Beall


[he/him] Landon’s been creating podcasts since 2011. His love for stories grew out of playing Myst (aka the greatest game ever made) and growing up on a farm in Tennessee. Exploring those worlds made him someone deeply passionate about stoytelling’s ability to translate the human condition, and Story Bake could not exist without that inspiration. The opportunity to work with the crew at Sound Escape is exciting; and for Landon, the possibilities for positivity are endless.

Nathan Blades


[he/they] Nathan is an androgynous android gameshow host from the future… or a Tabletop RPG designer and broadcaster, depending on who you ask. You can find his games, podcasts and streams at

Sena Bryer


[she/her] Sena is a Los Angeles-based voice actor, appearing in a number of podcasts such as Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services and The Pilgrimage Saga, and is also the producer of Dreambound.

Trace Callahan


[she/they] Trace has been composing music in one form or another since 1991, and after a rather long time spent trying all sorts of musical and artistic adventures has found their home in video games and audio drama where they create music and sound design, adding noise to imaginary worlds. She is the composer, sound designer, and time-slicer for This Planet Needs a Name as well as the voice of Izley Kolian, and has composed music for two other audio dramas currently in production.

Katie Chin


[she/her] Katie Chin is a comedian and voice actor. When she’s not doing stand-up and writing sketches, she’s bringing to life roles like Grace in VALENCE. Currently in the Comedy: Writing and Performance program at Humber College, Katie hopes to use her voice to bring a laugh or two (or ten) to her audiences. In her free time, Katie likes playing TTRPGs, doing puzzles, and rock climbing.

Jordan Cobb


[they/them] Jordan Cobb is a New York City based actress and writer. Creator of No Such Thing Productions, Jordan wrote and starred in the sci-fi horror podcast series Janus Descending (Chel), the fantasy-comedy Here Be Dragons (Harper Bennett and Dr. Natalya Atlas), and the high seas adventure-thriller Primordial Deep (Dr. Marella Morgan). She has written for Fable and Folly’s Alba Salix; Royal Physician, Long Story Short’s Unseen, and The Paragon Collective’s The Oyster. As an actress, Jordan has been featured on over four-dozen audio dramas. You can find her on Twitter (@inkphemeral) or visit her websites at and

Jessica Crimes


[she/her] Jessica Crimes is an indie art producer living in Glasgow. With her business Don’t Hurt Birds she is publishing a constant stream of creative, narrative led TTRPGs and the actual play/game design podcast More Like Guidelines. She also enjoys teaching improv comedy and trying out any kind of performance art she’s allowed near.

Allison Dauphine


[she/her, they/them] Allison is a voice actor located in Texas. Beyond that she has a BBA in Marketing with a minor in History, and works as a Marketing Coordinator and Ballet Teacher. She hopes to continue her career in voiceovers as well as one day run a center for art therapy with her trusted friend. She is beyond grateful for the opportunities and people she has found in the podcasting community!

Matt “Tachyon Blue” Desrosiers


[him/he] Matt is a writer, a soldier, a voice actor, and a Gamemaster. When he isn’t jumping out of airplanes or soaking up water in a hole in the ground, he can be found busily writing for his Patreon, wasting entirely too much time on video games, or desperately trying to get his 3D printer to work.

Rue Dickey


[he/they] Rue is a disabled, Welsh-Romani nonbinary trans man living in Oregon, US. When not working as a tech at the local theatre, or a barista at the community center, they love building costumes, writing, and playing TTRPGs. You can hear them in Audible Vision’s upcoming “Cyclone” and Hug House Production’s Season Two of The Valence Podcast. They’re thrilled to have an opportunity to be a part of this production, and part of such a diverse and wonderful cast.

Kristen DiMercurio


[she/her] Kristen is a native of western Maryland, where she started performing in what she likes to call “homegrown” theatre. Eventually she graduated from converted garages and church basements to the main stages of Emerson College, studying in their BFA Musical Theatre program. From there it was a slow and steady transition to NYC (performing in Maine, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC along the way) – but hey! Better late than never.
In the audio world, Kristen is most well known for voicing the role of Dr. Sally Grissom in the scifi podcast, ars PARADOXICA. With 3 seasons and over 2 million downloads, this project inspired her to pursue a career in the voiceover industry. Since then, she has performed in a dozen other podcasts and thousands of commercial/industrial voiceover gigs!

Sierra Doss


[she/her] Sierra Doss is a visual artist with a BA in TV production and Spanish and a minor in CW.
Her specialties include writing, video editing, voiceover, 2D animation, and portrait photography. She’s currently producing the podcast Grandpa & Chill, and producing an animated miniseries, and voice acting full time.
Her work is available at her website:
You can keep up with her latest projects on Twitter:

Danyelle Ellett


[she/her] Danyelle Ellett (she/her) attended Christopher Newport University for a BA in theater with a minor in leadership. She balances her corporate job in the tech industry, being a steller wife, and devoted fur mum with her creative endeavors for Good Pointe Podcasts, as a voice actress, producer, and director. She can be heard in Good Pointe’s The Subjective Truth as well as in out of house productions; Null and Void (Adalaide), and Margarita’s and Donuts (Josephine). Follow her and her antics on twitter @mynamesdany and hire her at

Chad Ellis


[he/him] Chad Ellis is a Los Angeles based writer and sound designer, best known for his work on Station Blue, Hit the Bricks and Arden.

Cait Gallagher


[she/her] Ambitious human juggling too many passions with never enough time. Cardiff/UK based. Cait began with a background in English Lit with a love of writing, and is currently working on a career in TV production, but has, in the meantime, found a love for audio dramas. Creator of Voidless and Producer of We Know None, Cait can be heard in these shows as well as in minor roles in Arsen and The Way We Haunt Now.

Leslie Gideon


[she/her] Leslie Gideon is a New York based Latin-American voice actor and writer. She’s lent her voice to such podcasts as Great & Terrible, The Van, and The Viridian Wild. She is also the creator of The Path Down, a sci fi audio drama about grief, privilege and superpowers. In her free time, she enjoys watching soccer, studying languages, and reading classic science fiction. Find more of her work at

Sarah Golding


[they/them] Sarah is living her best life as a voice actor, and producer/writer/editor of Quirky Voices works of audio joy! She runs voice acting courses for beginners, and wannabe directors short courses, co-edits the Fiction Podcast News Weekly, Runs monthly Audio Drama Hub Virtual Pub sessions, where creatives in Audio fiction can share best practices, and pings out auditions fro VA’s now with Tal Minear on @audioauditions. Regular recurring characters of fun include Mrs Sheffield on Oz9, Drunk Helen of A Scottish podcast, The Curator in MADCAP, and other faves she has popped up in include Amelia Project, Edict Zero, Starship iris, Axe and Crown, Carlotta Beautox, Ochenta Podcasts and The Orphans. If you’re a budding Voice Actor, have a listen dooo to MADIVA podcast, and all her Quirky works found here She is also working on ADWIT podcast with Lindsay Harris-Friel – a podcast sharing top tips on how to write for audio fiction realms and create that audio gold, and speaks on all things voice acting at a variety of podcast events online and where possible, in person!

Sawyer Greene


[they/them] Sawyer Greene is a Virginia born and NYC trained actor and singer. He can be found in a featured role on “This Planet Needs a Name” and guest spots on “Light Hearts”, “Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives”, and “Sidequesting”.

Fred Greenhalgh


[they/them] Fred Greenhalgh is best known for bringing location-recording techniques from his indie film background to the production of immersive audio movies. His work on his original series, The Cleansed, led to him catching the attention of Audible, and ultimately the opportunity to team up with audio legend William Dufris to develop Locke & Key as a faithful 13.5 hour location recorded audio movie (feat. Tatiana Maslany, Haley Joel Osment, and Stephen King). Other projects include his original series The Dark Tome and the forthcoming dark faerie tale, Of Fae & Fiends. Fred’s also the founder and original host of Radio Drama Revival, which continues in its 14th year with host Elena Fernández Collins at the helm. He and his family live in an off-grid home in rural Maine that he and his wife built. They have many goats.

Wes Haas


[they/them] Hi there! I’m Wes, a 28 year old non-binary mixed race voice actor from Minnesota, USA. I’ve acted onstage from 4 years old until my senior year of high school. I discovered voice acting during my college years, and have been pursing a professional career for 5 years. I’m your pretty standard nerd who holds a great love for anime, manga, video games, fantasy, and D&D. You can hear me in such productions as Absolutely No Adventures, Daemonik, The Adventures of Bluke Bifton, In Blood, and many more, which can be found on my website.

David Hanna


[he/him] David Hanna is the co-host of the Macintosh & Maud stable of podcasts, and creator of the upcoming audio romance Hand In Glove. He has appeared in episodes of Soulborn City, Sidequesting, and Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services. He’s excited to be taking on new acting opportunities and writing projects in the audio drama space after a long break from his first creative passion of theatre.

Sean Howard


[he/him] Sean is a speaker, author, podcaster, strategist, recovering juggler and co-founder of Fable and Folly.

Ali Hylton


[she/they] Ali is a synesthesia artist with a love for storytelling and turning life experiences into art. She is the creator of the audio dramas Dining in the Void, Written in Stardust, Human Error, and many more to come. You can almost always find her painting music, writing poetry, or listening to a new and exciting podcast.

Sahar Iman


[they/them] Sahar Iman is a writer and voice actor. They were born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Sahar has been writing for about 17 years, and has participated in voice acting projects online since 2013. For more information about their projects, please visit their Carrd site

Michelle Kelly


[she/her] Michelle is an actor and singer based in South Yorkshire, England. Her credits range from pantomime to light opera to Shakespeare, with the odd independent short film thrown in for good measure. She is thrilled to be making her voice acting debut in Somebody Dies In This Elevator.

Sean Lenhart


[he/him] Sean Lenhart is an actor based in Pittsburgh. Along with many stage roles, he has narrated over 60 audiobooks and played characters in several podcasts, audio dramas, and animations. Of note, Sean played Dr. John Seward in the HEAR Now Festival Official Selection of The Dracula Radioplay Experience with Cryptic Canticles, and played David in Seen And Not Heard, nominated for New Audio Play Production with the Audio Verse Awards.

Jona Lune


[they/them] Jona is a voice actor with 3+ years of experience based in the Boston Metropolitan area. They can be heard in projects such as Sidequesting, Null/Void, Novitero, The Patron Saint of Suicides, and many more! They’re also a trained singer and a huge fan of musical theatre.

Chris Magilton


[he/him] Chris Magilton is an Australian writer and voice actor. You can hear him as Hector Ivory in Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services and as Colonel Hayden/Corporal Jenkins in Copperheart. He is also the creator of sci-fi audio drama Among the Stars and Bones. Find out more at

Becca Marcus


[she/her] Becca is a disabled voice actor from the UK, where she lives with her dog. She grew up performing on stage, and has come to voice acting much more recently. You can hear her as Lota in The Way We Haunt Now, Elio in season 3 of Moonbase Theta, Out, as well as in podcasts such as The One Stars and Boston Harbor Horror. She is on Twitter @beccamarcus_

Ben Meredith


[he/him] Ben is a voice actor and game designer currently working on various projects with Rusty Quill.

Scottye Moore


[they/them] Scottye Moore does voice things for Relativity, JWF: Ignition and Deviant. In addition, they’re the author of that famed story about a young wizard boy that goes to school with his friends… The Many Adventures of Sammy Magic! They’re excited to join the SDITE team and hopefully won’t die in the elevator… probably not.
Find all of Scottye’s podcasting exploits here!

Jose Nateras


[he/him] Jose Nateras is an L.A. based Actor & Writer from Chicago. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, he also has his MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). A screenwriter and playwright, Jose is also a contributor for The Gamer, The A.V. Club, and elsewhere. His debut novel, Testament, was released by Ninestar Press and his original feature-length horror screenplay, Departing Seniors, is currently in pre-production.
Follow him on Twitter: @JoseNateras & Instagram: @JLorca13

A. R. Olivieri


[they/them] Writer, actor, director, producer, french fry addict, & podcast creator who resides in Sarah Rhea Werner’s brain. Honored to act in the podcasts Girl In Space, Janus Descending, VAST Horizon, & The Subjective Truth.
I make too many podcasts, & I hope to upload my consciousness one day.

Elissa Park


[they/them] Elissa Park is a Toronto based voice actor who likes the convenience of elevators, but has a healthy level of suspicion regarding them. You may have heard them (Elissa, not the Elevators) in other audio dramas such as Moonbase Theta Out, Nym’s Nebulous Notions or Me and AU! If you’d like to see what they’re up to in their day to day life, feel free to follow them on twitter as @adoxtalks

Sterling Rae


[they/she] Sterling Rae is a Midwest based voice actor and writer. Since 2006, Sterling has found a home on stage and starting in 2017, began to find comfort behind the microphone as well. When not voice acting, you can find them curled up with a good book, playing music far too loud, or being smothered by a grey ball of fluff Sterling insists is a cat, and in some cases, all of the above. You can find more out about Sterling on their website: .

Rashika Rao


[she/her] Rashika Rao loves the stars, the sun, and the sea. She is the Submissions Editor for Radio Drama Revival ( and co-hosts the Michigan Daily’s Pass the MiC. You can also hear her as Sofie in Supernatural Sexuality with Dr Seabrooke.

Amador Rodriguez

Dialogue Editor

[he/him] Amador Rodriguez is a seasoned dialogue editor with over 40 audiobooks under his belt and forgot to send a bio to his brother in law, so let me just sing his praises for him, and give him this speaker.

Matthew Ruzbasan


[he/him] Matthew Ruzbasan is an actor who works as a low-voltage electrician during the day. Born and raised in the Indiana countryside, he grew up acting whenever he could, even to the chagrin of his English teachers. When he’s not pulling cable or acting behind the mic, he can usually be found dreaming up his own stories or playing with his cat, Caramel.

Julia Schifini


[she/her] Julia Schifini is a historian, voice actor, sound designer, and lover of all fancy foods. She is a co-host and producer of Spirits, a co-host of Join the Party, and the Community Manager of Multitude. She loves world-building, professional wrestling, fancy cheese, and all things creepy and cool. You can hear her sound design on podcasts like Janus Descending and Primordial Deep, and voice acting on other shows such as Tides and What’s the Frequency.

Emma Sherr-Ziarko


[she/her] Emma is an actor, writer, visual artist, dancer, and sommelier in training. She has worked as a stage actor in New York City, specializing in Shakespearean performance and scholarship.
Currently, she works mostly as a Voiceover Actor. You can hear her as Commander Renée Minkowski on the Audio Drama Series Wolf 359, for which she has won the Audio Verse Award for Best Leading Actress.
In her spare time, she writes, paints, crafts, and studies to be a Sommelier! She also hosts and produces Pairing, a podcast about pairing wine with art and pop culture. Be sure to check it out and subscribe.
Follow Emma on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram if you want to see what she’s up to!

Talon Stradley

Dialogue Editor

[he/him] Talon is a producer, writer, and musician based out of Long Beach, CA. Talon is the creator of the Newton’s Dark Room podcast studio where he produces both fiction and non-fiction podcasts. NDR’s flagship show, Newton’s Dark Room Presents, was awarded two Audio Verse Awards in 2020. When he’s not making podcasts, Talon creates custom cassette releases for independent bands.

Bill Sunderland


[he/they] “Bill is one half of Consume This Media ( a small network of podcasts, games, and other media. He is one of the hosts of Escape This Podcast, a show that is a mix of table top roleplaying and escape rooms, and takes on the role of detective in Solve This Murder.
Bill has been acting, singing, and creating stories since childhood, but is only now getting involved in voice acting. You can hear their voice in certain episodes of “”Advanced Sagebrush and Shootouts””, or as part of Next Level Escape’s “”The Show Must Go On”” in Sydney, Australia.”

Felix Trench


[he/him] Felix Trench is an actor, writer and improviser. Credits include Doctors (BBC) and Hollyoaks (Channel 4) and stage work across London. In audio drama and games, he has appeared in Wooden Overcoats, Zombies, Run! and numerous podcasts. He is the writer and narrator of Quid Pro Euro. Follow on @felixtrench.

Gabriel Urbina


[he/him] I’m a Costa Rican-American writer and director. I’ve been writing professionally since 2013, working in fiction, radio, screenwriting, and media commentary. Nowadays I’m probably best known as the creative director and showrunner for Wolf 359, a Webby Award-nominated, science fiction audio fiction series. Since then, I’ve co-created and co-executive produced two mini series: an anthology series about different ways the world ends called Zero Hours and a thriller/sitcom hybrid about a bomb disarmament squad called Time:Bombs.
I’ve also contributed to other ongoing series – such as The Bright Sessions, Wooden Overcoats, Outliers, Anthology, and Our Fair City – and co-host the writing gameshow/talk show No Bad Ideas.
When I’ve had a spare moment here and there, I’ve been on the editorial staff of a film news website, worked in the world of online education, and done assistant editing for a feature-length documentary. In addition to that, I’ve taught workshops and done public speaking on audio fiction, internet-based media, and film, including various panels and speaking engagements at the Austin Film Festival, Podcast Movement, PodTales, Dragon Con, and Rhode Island Comic Con, as well as classes at various universities and high schools.
Depending on who you ask, I’m either a promising young writer or a rambling nerd, but either way I’m happy to keep on exploring the formal boundaries of different narratives mediums and to provide ideas for various creative communities.
I’m currently based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Jeff Van Dreason


[he/him] “Jeff is an award-winning playwright and the co-creator of Greater Boston with Alexander Danner. Together, they created ThirdSight Media, a production company that hosts PodTales, a festival of Audio Fiction and Audio Drama.
Jeff also sound designed and edited the second season of Fan Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, a romcom podcast about fandom, written and directed by Shenee Howard.
In addition to his writing and podcasting work, Jeff has also been a college educator for nearly twenty years.”

Travis Vengroff


[he/him] Travis Vengroff is the multi-award winning producer and sound designer behind The White Vault, VAST Horizon, Dark Dice, and Liberty. His shows have garnered millions of downloads and won numerous awards, including 14 Audio Verse Awards in 2020 and two Webby Honorees for Sound Design & Music. Vengroff is a full-time podcaster, supported by fans of his shows through Patreon.

Ezra J. Wayne


[he/him] Ezra J. Wayne is an actor, director, and writer from the Chicago area. Ez has held a love for acting since his first stage performance at age four, and no one has been able to get him to stop since. He serves as voiceover director and lead writer for the Fallout: Miami project, as well as working on any queer-led podcast he can talk his way into. When he’s not in the booth or at his desk, he enjoys costuming, playing tabletop RPGs, and making overly complicated baked goods from scratch.

Sarah Werner


[she/they] Sarah lives in the midwest with one hubbins and two cats, and (in addition to podcasting) ghostwrites books and builds websites for a living. Learn more about Sarah at

Chijioke B Williams


[she/her] Chijioke B Williams has loved stories for as long as she can remember. The ability to connect the author and audience fascinates her endlessly, and she suspects that nothing is more central to the human experience than storytelling. Chi has been hosting a live radio show, Status Quo, for the past five years, during which she has immersed herself in audio drama and begun to write her own. Chijioke seeks to combine her experience as a journalist with her work in radio fiction to bring depth to the characters she writes and the worlds she builds. Chi’s hobbies are parkour, sound design, and subverting societal expectations. She now lives in Chicago, where she can be found engaging in all three.

Alice Wong


[she/her] Alice Wong is a disabled activist, media maker, and consultant. She is the Founder and Director of the Disability Visibility Project®, an online community dedicated to creating, sharing and amplifying disability media and culture created in 2014. Currently, Alice is the Editor of Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-first Century, an anthology of essays by disabled people, available now by Vintage Books. You can find out more about her work: and follow her on Twitter @SFdirewolf.

Tau Zaman


[they/them] Tau Zaman is the creator and showrunner of CARAVAN. Before that, Tau served as a staff writer for ars PARADOXICA, the flagship audio drama of The Whisperforge. Never one to get a moment’s shut-eye, they also served as Head Writer on Liminus, a performance experience that blends AR gaming technology with live theatre. Follow them on Twitter or Instagram @TauZaman.

Lindsay Zana


[she/her] Lindsay is an actor, singer, and Shakespeare enthusiast. A few podcasts you can currently hear her on include Arden, Crit Squad, and VAST Horizon, among others. She also has upcoming roles in Primordial Deep, Dining in the Void, and more! When she’s not emoting into a microphone, she can be found singing with Top Shelf Vocal, cuddling her pup Winston or belting musical theatre songs in her car. For more information please visit